Gluten free Halloween Candy

It's Halloween time, here comes the candy!
This is the just the begining of a long season (ending with Valentine's day) where candy is available everywhere you turn. We all know that candy isn't good for you, that being said it's hard as hell to resist. I put together a brief collection of popular halloween candy so the next time you pass that bowl of goodies at your office you won't have to wonder, "Is that gluten-free?" I will say that many of these products are produced in facilities that also produce products that contain gluten, so proceed with caution. Being the chocolate lover that I am I usually stick with a few safe ones (for me): Hershey bars and kisses, Reese's peanut butter cups, and Snickers. (remember to always check the ingredients on the label as they sometimes change.)

Farley’s candy corn
Spangler picture pops
Jellybelly candy corn
All Starburst
All M&M's (EXCEPT the blue package of crisps)
3 Musketeers
Milky Way Dark Chocolate Covered almonds
Snickers Bar
Snickers with Almond
Snickers Cream molded
All Dove Chocolate
Necco Mary Janes
Hershey Kisses
Hershey Milk Chocolate Bar
Hershey Milk Chocolate Bar with Almonds
Jolly Rancher Candy
Jolly Rancher Lollipops
Almond Joy
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
Reese's Pieces
York Peppermint Patties
Heath Bar
Mr. Goodbar
Babe Ruth
Nestle Milk Chocolate
Oh Henry!
Sweet Tarts
Butterfinger BB's
Tootsie Rolls
Tootsie Pops
Tooties Peppermint Pops
Blow Pops/Super Blow Pops
Charm Pops
Sugar Babies
Sugar Daddy Pops
Junior Mints
Charleston Chew Junior Charms
Original Hot Tamales
Hot Tamales Fire
MARSHMALLOW PEEPS Pumpkin, Spooky Cats and Ghosts
MARSHMALLOW PEEPS DelightFills and Cocoa Cats Snack Pack
Topps Ring Pops
Topps Push Pops
Topps Juicy Bugs
Topps Juicy Drop Chews
Topps Flip & Dip Push Pop
Topps Baby Bottle Pops



Anonymous said...

Thank you! I couldn't find anywhere if Raisinets were gluten-free or not because there are varied results about that, but this gives me hope that they might be! I'll keep checking, but thank you anyways!

Phil said...

What do we know about Jelly Beans? I love them, in and out of season and have been eating them because I havn't been able to find anything saying I shouldn't. Not the best approach maybe, but I'm new to this. If anyone is aware of any (or all) brands that are good, I'd love to hear it.

Anonymous said...

Starburst Jelly beans are supposed to be gluten-free. I have eaten them since being diagnosed and was ok.

Anonymous said...

I know that Private Selection brand (found at Kroger) are Gluten Free. It's labeled on the package. In fact, Kroger has a large selection of Gluten Free products across the board but nearly all are located in the health food section.

Anonymous said...

Snickers are not gluten free! it is made in a factory where other wheat products are made and says on the label - may conatin wheat! there is a high chance of cross contamination with snickers. I am not sure about the others, but read the labels, they now disclose if wheat is handled in the same facility.

leKappy said...

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Seriously, thank you.

Anonymous said...

This is such a great help, thank you so much!

bobapri said...

thank you answered all my candy needs great site

David Silverberg said...

According to the Hershey's website Reese' peanut butter cups are gluten free, but the pieces are not.
see here:

such a shame, just bought a pack as a surprise for my son. I am glad I checked before giving it to him.