Companies That Clearly label Gluten-Free Food

One of the most intimidating things that I had to do when beginning my gluten-free diet years ago was to walk into a grocery store and try and figure out what to buy. I've spent up to a half hour reading and re-reading labels from every single brand for a particular item like tuna fish. I used to carry two or more up-to-date Gluten-free product lists, looking everything up. Over time I got to know which products are reliable, and which ingredients to look out for. I still look up products, but usually on the internet before I leave the house. I also take some chances with products I'm not certain about (something that drives my wife crazy).
The other thing that is hard to get a handle on is that the ingredients for products are always changing. For example I used to enjoy eating Stonyfield organic yogurt. We would always have it in the house since my wife and kids ate it as well. Then I heard from my mother that the ingredients changed and it may not be gluten-free anymore (although you can't tell from the label). Being naturally stubborn, I went on eating it and finally after a few unknown gluten bouts with my stomach I discovered the culprit, the yogurt (duh). Anyways, that's what makes the following list so beneficial to me, even if I don't remember most of the names it is helpful to have the names of dependable food manufacturers whom I can trust in my head, this is the type of thing that gives me piece of mind!

I got this list from my mother who got it from Mike of Gluten Free in WNY.

These companies will label gluten as wheat, rye, barley or oats. For example: modified
food starch (from wheat) or natural flavoring (contains barley).

Aunt Nelly's
Libby's Balance Lipton Baskin Robbins McCormick Ben & Jerry Nabisco Betty Crocker Nestle Blue Bunny Old El Paso Breyers Ortega Campbells Pillsbury Cascadian Farms Popsicle Celestial Seasonings Post Country Crock Progresso Edy's Russell Stover General Mills Seneca Foods Good Humor Smucker Green Giant Stokely's Haagen Daz Sunny Delight Hellman's T Marzetti Hershey Tyson Hormel Unilever Hungry Jack Wishbone Jiffy Yoplait Knorr Zatarain's Kozy Shack Kraft- makes Oscar Mayer, Jello, Breyers and many other brands.


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